original scores

Original music by MAIZEH MUSIC
Huw Warren scores available as PDF or Sibelius on request

Piano/Leadsheet ( Bb and Eb also available) £1.50 each

These Foolish Times - Perfect Houseplants

Salvador’s - Perfect Houseplants

Starry Eyed Too -Perfect Houseplants

Still Hearing You - Clec

Clec - Clec

Waltz and All - Clec

And The Kitchen Sink - Clec

The Gentle Life - Snap Clatter

EE - Snap Clatter

Curiosity Threatens - Snap Clatter

New Day - Snap Clatter

NewSong Oldsong -New Folk Songs

Moving On - New Folk Songs

Holding Back -New Folk Songs

Mason - New Folk Songs

And Dixon - New Folk Songs

The Barford Angel - New Folk Songs

Harmonium - Extempore

The Man, The Man -Extempore 2

Credo - Extempore 2

Earthing Up - A Barrel Organ Far from Home

Whistling Rufus - A Barrel Organ Far from Home

Bicycles and Bluebells - A Barrel Organ Far from Home

Augie March - A Barrel Organ Far from Home

Interlude -A Barrel Organ Far from Home

Clatter -A Barrel Organ Far from Home

More Than the Average Number of Legs - 100’s of Things a Boy Can Make

Sheep -100’s of Things a Boy Can Make

Another Idea for Bookends -100’s of Things a Boy Can Make

Where The Debris Meets the Sea - 100’s of Things a Boy Can Make

How to Make a Shocking Coil - 100’s of Things a Boy Can Make

How to Make a Violin Out a CigarBox-100’s of Things a Boy Can Make

Water from Nothing - 100’s of Things a Boy Can Make

Left a Bit -100’s of Things a Boy Can Make

Duw Y Wyr - Duw Y Wyr

Last Tango In Powys (Jesce) - Dialektos

Baby Toes

Mouli Baby

The Beginning is also the End -Hermeto +

Nos da Good Night - Hermeto+

DP+C - Hermeto+

Cowbois and Shepherds - Hermeto+

Shepherds Parkmill

Gower Boy

Small Ensemble (prices on request)

Tangled (vln, piano, accordion, bass,drums)

Lost Marbles (vln,viola,cello,clarinet,bass clarinet,tenor sax,piano bass,drums)

Ravishing Indifference (vln,viola,cello,clarinet,bass clarinet,tenor sax,piano bass,drums)

Biting My Teeth Out (voice and string quartet)

Buzz - Junior strings

Wednesday Night Boogie - Junior strings

First Blues - Junior strings

Still Hearing You - recorder, violin, viol da gamba, theorbo

Big Band / Large ensemble (prices on request)

New Welsh Stories:

1 - One Thing Leads to Another

2 - Yes and No and Yes

3 - Big in Llanbedrog

4 - Pentre This, Pentre That


Still Hearing You

Whistling Rufus(+strings)

Casual Obsession

Sheep In the Beginning/ Slippery

Railway Mania (Piece) Picc, Clarinet, Bassoon, Strings, El Bass,D Bass, Piano, Drums

Lullaby Exit Bear -mixed ensemble

Mil Harddach - Big Band

Mil Harddach - Big Band +voice

Chamber Orchestra (prices on request)

Strung Out - Concerto for 2 violins and strings

Chamber Orchestra + Choir (prices on requests)

Railway Mania - Large scale 30 minute piece for Childrens voices, chamber ensemble piano/bass/drums

Choir (prices on request)

I am the Song


email Huw directly with enquiries about other pieces, arrangements or commissioning of new music



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